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Hundreds of practical sales tips are shared in this book, and they are yours to have. Real sales ideas gathered from decades of working with and managing great salespeople.

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USD 12.00

1.16MB PDF File

This is the FULL version of the e-book. Over 160 pages of sales techniques, ideas, scripts and phrases you can use immediately to improve and increase your sales. The BIG BOOK of SALES

This is real sales, written by a real sales professional, with skills and techniques gathered from hundreds of great salespeople.

Here are just a few of the topics I cover in this E-book:

• Upgrading your questions from good questions to great questions

• The three most important closes you need to know

• Overcoming the price objection

• Overcoming the “we need to think about it” objection

• Overcoming any objection

• Great qualifying questions to help you get to the decision maker

• How to give great presentations that will build desire in your prospects

• Cold calling – getting past the “I wouldn’t be interested” or “call me later” brush-offs

• How to build value and differentiate yourself

• How to get the appointment

• And on, and on, and on – over 160 pages of skills and techniques

This book is a “must have” for the salesperson who likes to study and learn and work at their craft. If you’re looking for a quick fix, a magic bullet – there is none.

Some salespeople make it look easy, but I guarantee you this… if it looks easy, then you can bet they have spent years of hard work and study to make it look easy.

Download this e-book now, so you can learn and profit from these techniques right away!

5 BONUS SECTIONS Included: - Listening: Reaching the Unconscious to Gain Positive Influence

- The Conscious Mind vs. The Unconscious Mind

- Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication

- Circumstances That Influence

- Words That Influence

- Suggestions and Embedded Commands

With these skills and techniques, there's nothing stopping you from being a great salesperson. You can do it if you set your mind to it. Who can tell you otherwise?